Why Invest in Parisian Real Estate

Parisian Real Estate market offers unique investment opportunities for global investors, benefiting from many competitive advantages such as…

The concentration of the French economy in the Paris region makes the Greater Paris office market the largest in Europe, and thus undoubtedly deep and liquid.

Main office areas in Europe (million of sqm)


Compared to London, the main competitor, the Paris region offers a high level of diversification, whilst Greater London is over-exposed to the financial sector.

Breakdown of the take-up in the Paris region


From investment volume to rental value, the Paris real estate market remains remarkably stable despite the economic uncertainty, particularly for prime assets.

In addition to these previous specifications, Paris is the world´s most popular tourist destination, one of the largest economies and one of the strongest retail locations in Europe.

After this quick overview of the competitive advantages of Paris, the question is no longer ´why invest in Paris´, but how?

By acting as a bridge connecting the 2 worlds, Parisian Real Estate Advisor wants to give Middle Eastern investors all the keys to unlock the best opportunities available on the Paris real estate market and ensure their investment will be successful.