Parisian Real Estate Advisor Shareholding structure

Parisian Holding is controlled by Parisian Real Estate Advisor’s partners


The main shareholder of La Française is Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, from the group Crédit Mutuel.
Crédit Mutuel is a highly reputable and well-established retail bank that is ranked 5thin France. The group runs a network of over 5000 agencies with 79 000 professionals serving more than 30 million clients.
Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is the parent company of La Française (86.28%) and has a Standard and Poor´s A long-term rating.

For over 35 years, La Française Group has been a French key player in securities and real estate asset management. The group currently manages over 37 billion euros and employs over 400 professionals, mainly based in Paris but also in Luxembourg, Madrid and Milan.
La Française is a recognized actor within the French real estate market. With over 7.8 billion euros in real estate assets under management, and 2.5 million square meters of rentable commercial area all over the French territory, it is the leading French collective real estate investment fund manager.
Parisian Real Estate Advisor benefits from La Française Real Estate Managers (REM) strong expertise in commercial real estate (Office & Retail) for both fund management and asset management.